Batteries by Brand

Siam Bat Electronic is supplier and distributor of many top brand of batteries such as Panasonic, Yuasa, CSB, DeNA, GS, 3K, FB, Boliden, Varta, FDK, Tekcell, Maxell, EnerSys Cyclon, Fujitsu, Renata, Saft, Trojan, Ultralife, etc. Search our massive range by battery brand name.

DeNA Battery Panasonic Battery   Yuasa Battery   CSB Battery  GS Battery  3K Battery

  FB Battery Boliden Battery        Varta Battery     FDK Battery      Tekcell Battery        Maxell Battery  EnerSys-Cyclon Battery  Fujitsu BatteryRenata BatteriesSaft BatteryTrojan BatteryUltralife Battery      


Batteries by Chemistry Type

Siam Bat Electronic is supplier and distributor of many top brand of batteries including primary and rechargeable batteries, such as Alkaline batteries, Lithium batteries, Conventional lead acid batteries, Hybrid lead acid batteries, Maintenance free lead acid (MF) batteries, Sealed Lead Acid (SLA, VRLA) batteries, Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) batteries, Nickel Cadmium(Ni-Cd) batteries, Manganese / carbon-zinc batteries. Find your batteries by chemistry type.


Alkaline Battery

Lithium Battery

Conventional Battery

Alkaline Battery Lithium Battery Lead Acid Battery - Conventional Battery


 Deep Cycle Battery

 Hybrid Battery

Maintenance Free Battery

Lead Acid Battery - Deep Cycle Battery  Lead Acid Battery - Hybrid Battery Lead Acid Battery - Maintenance Free


 SLA Battery

NiMH Battery 

Zinc Carbon Battery

Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery /VRLA Battery Nikel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Battery Manganese Battery / Carbon-Zinc Battery


Batteries by Application Use

UPS Batteries

Button / Coin / Watch Batteries

Car / Generator / Lead Acid Batteries

Golf Cart / EV / Deep Cycle Batteries

Medical Instrument / Scientific Equipment Batteries

Flashlight Batteries

Rechargeable Batteries


Battery Charger

Fully Automatic Battery Charger

Portable Battery Charger

Adjustable Battery Charger


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