Renata Battery is the world class leader in coin cells from Switzerland. Renata is a leading manufacturer and supplier of coin cells for watches and many electronic products areas such as medical applications, RFID, radio control, metering, calculators, hearing aids and more. Renata produces a wide range of products such as silver oxide (for wristwatches, calculators and small electronic toys, etc.), zinc air (for hearing aids), lithium (for computer battery backup, etc.) and lithium polymer (for industrial use) coin cells batteries. 

Brand Model Capacity Dimensions Descriptions Image
Renata CR2450N 3V 540mAh Diameter 24.5 mm Height 5.0 mm

Lithium coin cell battery

Renata CR2477N 3V 950mAh Diameter 24.5 mm Height 7.7 mm Lithium coin cell battery Renata-Lithium-CR2477N


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