Tekcell is a brand of Vitzrocell who are a Korean Manufacturer that have been recognized as one of the best power solution providers of Lithium Primary Batteries in the world. Steatite Batteries are proud to partner with Vitzrocell who are world leaders in Lithium Primary batteries. With over 20 years knowledge and experience, they offer a full product range suitable for various applications such as Utility Meters (AMR), Asset Tracking, Security, industrial and Military Devices & Equipment.


Brand Model Capacity Dimensions Image
Tekcell SB-A01 3.6V 3.65Ah Diameter 16.8 mm, Height 50.5 mm  
Tekcell SB-AA02(P) 3.6V 1.2Ah Diameter 14.6 mm, Height 25.1 mm  
Tekcell SB-AA11(P) 3.6V 2.5Ah Diameter 14.6 mm, Height 50.5 mm  
Tekcell SB-C02 3.6V 8.5Ah Diameter 25.6 mm, Height 50.5 mm  
Tekcell SB-D02 3.6V 19.0Ah Diameter 33.8 mm, Height 9.7 mm  


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