CSB Battery

With CSB's research and development team focusing on quality and consistency, customers will be able to rely on products that support the most demanding of applications. Utilized in over 100 countries for telecommunications, UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), Solar, Wind Power, emergency lighting, security and many other additional applications, CSB continues to develop new technologies for a wider range of application specific products.


Brand Model Capacity Dimensions Image
CSB GP 1272 12V 7.2Ah   L151 mm*W65 mm*H94 mm*TH100 mm CSB GP1272
CSB GP 12120 12V 12.0Ah   L151 mm*W98 mm*H94 mm*TH100 mm CSB GP12120
CSB GP 12170 12V 17.0Ah  L181 mm*W76.2 mm*H165.5 mm*TH167 mm CSB GP12170
CSB GP 12260 12V 26.0Ah   L166 mm*W175 mm*H122 mm*TH125 mm CSB GP12260
CSB GP 12400 12V 40.0Ah  L197 mm*W165 mm*H161 mm*TH170 mm CSB GP12400
CSB GP 12650 12V 65.0Ah   L349.4 mm*W166 mm*H164.5 mm*TH174 mm CSB GP12650
CSB GPL 12750 12V 75.0Ah  L261 mm*W168.5 mm*H209.7 mm*TH212.7 mm CSB GPL12750
CSB GPL 12880 12V 88.0Ah    L308.7 mm*W169 mm*H209.8 mm*TH212.8 mm CSB GPL12880
CSB GPL 121000 12V 100.0Ah    L342 mm*W170 mm*H213.1 mm*TH216.2 mm CSB GPL121000
CSB HR 1224W F2F1 12V 24W   L151 mm*W51 mm*H94 mm*TH98.3 mm CSB HR 1224WF2F1
CSB HR 1234W F2 12V 34W L151 mm*W65 mm*H94 mm*TH100 mm CSB HR1234WF2


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