PETCH Battery Charger P-series / WH-series

PETCH P-series Portable Battery Charger

    Portable battery charger is suitable for vehicle battery. Use in car battery, truck, motocycles, etc.

PETCH WH-series Adjustable Battery Charger

    Full size chargers/boosters designed especially for outdoor service shop, farm and garage. With high power boosting can start stubborn engine. and can activate dry and dead cell battery, maintenance free and conventional battery. Mounted on a 2-wheels cart with a handy push handle for complete mobility. All models feature variable charging rate control for multiple charging rates from slow charging, high charging to boosting.

Brand Model Capacity Dimensions Image
PETCH  P 2420 6-12-24V 20A


PETCH  P 2430 6-12-24V 30A


PETCH WH2420   6-12-24V

W350 mm*D340 mm*H740 mm. 

PETCH WH2430 6-12-24V

 W350 mm*D340 mm*H740 mm. 

PETCH  WH2440  6-12-24V 200A

 W460 mm*D400 mm*H950 mm. 

PETCH  WH2460  6-12-24V 300A

 W460 mm*D400 mm*H950 mm. 

PETCH WH24100  6-12-24V 500A 

 W460 mm*D400 mm*H950 mm. 

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