SRMK Battery Charger TT-series

SRMK TT-Series are of fully battery charger. The charger will start charging with semi-constant voltage characteristic, when battery reach full state, current taper down and will automatically shut off. The charger will automatically turn on replacing the small amount of energy that was lost while the charge current was at zero.   

SRMK TT-series Battery Charger are design for

  • Unattend charging of vented lead acid, sealed lead acid batteries to maintain fully battery state. Using in small emergency power and lighting, battery for emergency engine starter
  • Simultaneously supplying non-continuous load where the load is permanently connected across the battery. For this application the load current should be lower than charger capacity
  • Suitable for cycle use, motive, traction, deep cycle battery, vechicle battery . Use in car battery, snowmobiles, mowers, motorcycles and electric golf carts
Brand Model Capacity Dimensions Image
SRMK  TT06004 DC 6V 0.4 A W182mm*D142mm*H130mm  
SRMK  TT0601 DC 6V 1.2 A W182mm*D142mm*H130mm  
SRMK  TT0602 DC 6V 2 A W182mm*D142mm*H130mm  
SRMK  TT12004 DC 12V 0.4 A W182mm*D142mm*H130mm  
SRMK  TT1201 DC 12V 1.1A W182mm*D142mm*H130mm  
SRMK  TT1202 DC 12V 2 A W182mm*D142mm*H130mm  
SRMK  TT1204 DC 12V 4 A W182mm*D142mm*H130mm  
SRMK  TT1207 DC 12V 7 A W232mm*D155mm*H155mm  
SRMK  TT1210 DC 12V 10 A W257mm*D178mm*H182mm  
SRMK  TT1215 DC 12V 15 A W213mm*D280mm*H225mm  
SRMK  TT1220 DC 12V 20 A W230mm*D280mm*H262mm  
SRMK  TT1225 DC 12V 25 A W230mm*D280mm*H262mm  
SRMK  TT1230 DC 12V 30 A W248mm*D356mm*H367mm  
SRMK  TT24004 DC 24V 0.4 A W182mm*D142mm*H130mm  
SRMK  TT2401 DC 24V 1 A W182mm*D142mm*H130mm  
SRMK  TT2402 DC 24V 2 A W182mm*D142mm*H130mm  
SRMK  TT2404 DC 24V 4 A W232mm*D155mm*H155mm  
SRMK  TT2407 DC 24V 7 A W213mm*D280mm*H225mm  
SRMK  TT2410 DC 24V 10 A W213mm*D280mm*H225mm  
SRMK  TT2415 DC 24V 15 A W230mm*D280mm*H262mm  
SRMK  TT2420 DC 24V 20 A W230mm*D280mm*H262mm  
SRMK  TT2425 DC 24V 25 A W230mm*D280mm*H262mm  
SRMK  TT2430 DC 24V 30 A W248mm*D356mm*H367mm  



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