DeNA is one of the tropical regional's suppliers of valve regulated, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Lithium batteries and battery-related electronic products. DeNA dedicate to supply with reasonable prices for tropical countries especially Southeast Asia.


Brand Model Capacity Dimensions Image
DeNA  CP645 6V 4.5Ah L70 mm*W47 mm*H101 mm*TH107 mm DeNa CP645
DeNA  CP6120 6V 12Ah L151 mm*W50 mm*H94 mm*TH100 mm DeNA CP6120
DeNA  CP1213 12V 1.3Ah L97 mm*W43 mm*H52 mm*TH58 mm DeNA CP1213
DeNA  CP1223 12V 2.3Ah L178 mm*W35 mm*H61 mm*TH67 mm DeNA CP1223
DeNA  CP1223C 12V 2.3Ah L182 mm*W24 mm*H61 mm*TH61 mm DeNA CP1223C
DeNA  CP1233 12V 3.3Ah L134 mm*W67 mm*H61 mm*TH67 mm DeNA CP1233
DeNA  CP1229 12 V 2.9Ah L70 mm*W55.5 mm*H98.5 mm*TH104mm
DeNA  CP1255 12 V 5.5Ah L90 mm*W70 mm*H101 mm*TH107mm DeNA CP1255
DeNA  CP1272 12V 7.2Ah L151 mm*W65 mm*H94 mm*TH100 mm DeNA CP1272E
DeNA  CP1278 12V 7.8Ah L151 mm*W65 mm*H94 mm*TH100 mm DeNA CP1278
DeNA  CP1290 12V 9Ah L151mm*W65mm*H94 mm*TH100 mm DeNA HP12-50W
DeNA CP12120 12V 12Ah L151mm*W98mm*H95 mm*TH101 mm DeNA CP12120
DeNA  CP12180 12V 18Ah L181 mm*W77 mm*H167 mm*TH167 mm DeNA CP12180
DeNA  CP12210 12V 21Ah L181 mm*W76 mm*H167 mm*TH167 mm DeNA CP12240
DeNA  CP12260  12V 26Ah  L166 mm*W175mm*H125 mm*TH125 mm  DeNA CP12260E
DeNA  CP12280 12V 28Ah L165 mm*W125mm*H175 mm*TH182 mm DeNA CP12280
DeNA  6FM33(FR) 12V 33Ah L195 mm*W130 mm*H155 mm*TH168 mm DeNA 6FM33-X
DeNA  6FM40(FR) 12V 40Ah L197.5 mm*W165.5 mm*170 mm*TH170 mm DeNA 6FM40E-X
DeNA  6FM45(FR)
12V 45Ah L197.5 mm*W165.5 mm*170 mm*TH170 mm DeNA 6FM45-X
DeNA  6FM55(FR) 12V 55Ah L226 mm*W135 mm*H208 mm*TH212 mm
DeNA  6FM65(FR)
12V 65Ah
L350 mm*W167 mm*H179 mm*TH179 mm DeNA 6FM65E-X
DeNA  6FM75(FR) 12V 75Ah L258 mm*W166 mm*H206 mm*TH215 mm DeNA 6FM75-X
DeNA  6FM100(FR) 12V 100Ah L329 mm*W172 mm*H215 mm*TH222 mm
DeNA  6FM120(FR) 12V 120Ah L410 mm*W176 mm*H224 mm*TH224 mm DeNA 6FM120E-X
DeNA  6FM134(FR) 12V 134Ah L341mm*W173mm*H283mm*TH287mm DeNA 6FM134-X
DeNA  6FM150(FR) 12V 150Ah L482 ± 2 mm*W170 ± 1 mm*H240 ± 2 mm*TH240 ± 2 mm DeNA 6FM150-X
DeNA  6FM200(FR) 12V 200Ah L522 mm*W238 mm*H218 mm*TH223 mm DeNA 6FM200-X
DeNA CT12-100X 12V 100Ah L507 mm*W106 mm*H235 mm*TH235 mm   
DeNA CT12-125X 12V 125Ah L550 mm*W110 mm*H288 mm*TH288 mm

DeNA  CT12-150X 12V 150Ah L550 mm*W110 mm*H288 mm*TH288 mm  
DeNA  CL100 2V 100Ah L171 mm*W72 mm*H206 mm*TH211 mm DeNA CL100
DeNA  CL200 2V 200Ah L173 mm*W111 mm*H329 mm*TH364 mm DeNA CL200
DeNA  CL265 2V 265Ah L171±2mm*W151±2mm*H330±2mm*TH364±2mm DeNA CL265
DeNA  CL300 2V 300Ah L171 mm*W151 mm*H330 mm*TH364 mm DeNA CL300
DeNA  CL400 2V 400Ah L211 mm*W176 mm*H329 mm*TH367 mm DeNA CL400
DeNA  CL500 2V 500Ah L242 mm*W173 mm*H330 mm*TH365 mm DeNA CL500
DeNA  CL600 2V 600Ah L302 mm*W175 mm*H331 mm*TH367 mm DeNA CL600
DeNA   CL600F 2V 600Ah  L242 mm*W173 mm*H330 mm*TH365 mm DeNA CL600F
DeNA  CL800 2V 800Ah L410 mm*W175 mm*H330 mm*TH367 mm DeNA CL800
DeNA  CL1000 2V 1000Ah L475 mm*W175 mm*H328 mm*TH367 mm DeNA CL1000
DeNA  CL1500 2V 1500Ah  L400 mm*W350 mm*H345 mm*TH382 mm DeNA CL1500
DeNA  CL2000 2V 2000Ah L490 mm*W350 mm*H345 mm*TH382 mm DeNA CL2000
DeNA  CL3000 2V 3000Ah L710 mm*W350 mm*H345 mm*TH382 mm DeNA CL3000
DeNA  3/AA 3.6V 2100mAh L151 mm*W65 mm*H94 mm*TH100 mm




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